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Well all our dedicated racers will be very suprised when they come to the track!!
We have a fresh coat of paint on the outside of the building..looks great
I finally got a dependable landscaper to keep the grass and grounds neat!
The inside of the building is cleaner than any of you have ever seen it thanks to the added help.
The bathrooms were cleaned up, and remodeling in guys and gals starts tomorrow.
The idea of t.v.s in the pit lane for real time info has been perfected.
We now have a 22" monitor in pit lane so you guys get realtime race info for your drivers.( and it's clear as a bell )
We also added another monitor where the race schedules are posted in the pits.
If ya want to see if some-one stole your T.Q....YOU CAN WATCH THE RACE DATA IN THE PITS!!!!
We also put in a T.V. in the pits so ya can watch a little Racin or The Pay-per-view fights while your at the track!
We also put a monitor in the room under the Tower for transponder pick-up,,and to assist in the big races such as the RITCH'S BREW NITRO CHALLENGE
We fixed all the lights over the pits where the Elec. guys pit!
Bought 4 new Fans!
Hung more Race Banners which are rolling in now!
and got a new printer for the race computer in the tower!
You guys will love the changes.....
We appreciate your support, and will keep trying to keep K&M on the cutting edge of R.C Off-Road Racin!
Special thanks to Mike Stevens and Robert Kelly for their help this week!
We all need to thank Randy Ritch for coming off the cash for the upgrades, and working until all hours of the nite to make this thing come together.
c-ya at the track!

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WOW!!! Those are huge Dave! That place is coming up to first class standards for sure!!! AWESOME work to all and yes a HUGE thanks to Randy for recognizing the value of investing back into the racers!


Paul Schulz
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welll Dayummmmmm.you guys are making daddy so proud!!!! but damnit,call me when you guys do stuff like this,I WANT TO HELP!!!!!!
thanks for everything guys......that is why Team Insaneracin' calls K&M our home track!!!
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