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Just when you thought it was safe to go out of the house...

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On my home from work this evening, a lady driving one of those nice new Dodge Durango SUV's failed to stop at a stop sign and ran right out in front of my old Ford wagon.

I was doing about 55 miles per hour when I saw her fail to stop. I slammed on brakes, swerved to my right to try to evade the collision, but I slammed right into the driver's side rear quarterpanel, propelling the Durango into the other lane, directly in the path of another vehicle heading toward me.

My airbag went off, and before I reall knew what had happened, I found myself in the opposite lane, facing back the way I came... the hood of my old wagon pushed clear up to the windshield. I tried to start (yeah, I know we do dumb things when we've just had the snot knocked out of us) the car to get it out of the road... but instead, shoved the door open and dialed 911 on my cell. Once the police and rescue folks were on the way... I called home to let Momma know I wrecked the car, but that I was ambulatory...

Police and ambulance crews arrived in less than five minutes... not bad for being out in the middle nowhere... and they called in two helicopters to fly the driver of the Durango and the driver of the other car to Norfolk General Hospital. I directed traffic and thanked God that the little girl that was in the back seat of the Durango wasn't hurt... her mommy and daddy both are going to spend the night in the hospital... Her aunt came to get her...

I have some nasty bruises from the airbag pushing my arms off the wheel and into the vanity light (right arm) in the overhead. I have a sprained wrist (left) and a gash in my left elbow from hitting the door jam... I am stiff as I don't know what, and it's only two and a half hours after the crash.

The Police took a statement from me, as I was the last man standing, and they seemed to believe what I told them, as my tire skid marks told the story pretty well. She left me about 40 feet to brake, swerve and take evasive action to avoid her. There didn't appear to be any other way out of the wreck, I am just glad I was able to steer enough to my right, so as not to hit that driver's side back door. I'm pretty well convinced that if I had, that little girl would be in really bad shape. I don't know if I would want that on my mind... so I need to get a rental car to get back and forth to work until I can get another old beater to drive around. Maybe I should have made them take me to the hospital and claimed whiplash? I could be driving a new Suburban with a new bassboat behind it, huh?

All in all, a pretty good end to the story. I'm thinking there'll be court, lawyers and all sorts of crud like that to deal with, but at least the police said there was nothing I could any differently.... I tried to miss her, but she was just too far out in the road for me to make it past without impact...

The end..
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Thank The Good Lord That All Of You Are O.k And Well.hope All Heal Well.
I am glad you are OK .. So did it break the Crankshaft ? j/k Your gonna be sore tomorrow ...

....Glad things were no worse than that...sounds like it could have been.I see mva's in the ER all the time,and you can be as careful as you want to be...but there's a million non-driving,careless,fools out there just waiting for someone to run into...keep you in my prayers.
Catfish said:
I am glad you are OK .. So did it break the Crankshaft ? j/k Your gonna be sore tomorrow ...
NO! The crankshaft did NOT BREAK LOL.... my heart almost did when I heard that little girl cryin'
I told the Trooper that the old car had been runnin' a little rough lately and that I had spark plugs & wires in the back seat, but I didn't think I was going to be puttin 'em in now... he laughed a little
Glad you are ok. It's a miracle no one was hurt any worse.

I don't know if I want to come see you or not with the luck you are having lately. LOL j/k also.

Sometimes you can't do anything to avoid it, and the best that you can do is try to make it as light as possible. 40 feet doesn't give 55mph very much leeway at all.
Dang Hawkeye. that skeered the poop out of me just reading it. Glad your OK.
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