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My year to date -
Venice at the beginning of Feb - 40-45 degrees and a 30 mph wind for 3 days. Drank three days worth in 36 hours... 0 minutes fishing

In March we went to Venice for 4 days. Lost one 180+ YF and a million kings. We left the day the bite turned (they caught the state record).
6 weeks of blown out weather and last minute cancels. 5 weeks ago we had a great long trip.

The boats been at Krestas for a tune up since. It looks pimped again this weekend.

My grass is so mowed! My siding is power washed, the deck is sealed. It's so bad my wife is telling me to go fishing. Is it wrong to practice casting poppers in the ditch behind your house every other day? There is time to turn this season around, but **** it has been crazy weather!

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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