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well we all just came home from the hospital.

Yesterday morning at 6:45 my wife told me that I should call into to work because we needed to go to the hospital. It was very nice of her not to wake me up in the middle of the night lol. we got to the hospital and they put us in the maternal observation room and started to monitor her contractions and about an hour later the doc came in and decided that we could go ahead and move to the labor and delivery room. Laura was in hard labor for about 4 hours before she had to start pushing and after ten mins. of pushing she gave birth to a 9# 2 oz 21 inch long baby boy at 2:00 pm on 05-26-2004. we named him Cutter James Garcia. every one is home now and we are doing great. here is a pic of the new arrival and his mama.



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That's almost as big as Darrell's Trout!! :spineyes:

Congrats!! Glad to hear Mama & baby are home and doing well.

Best wishes to the Garcia clan from the Towle house.
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