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No, I didn't go fishing darn it. I had to deliver Something for work that went to an oil rig off shore. What a long drive. For those of you driving down there next month prepare yourself for a long drive. There is a lot of construction in New Orleans on I10 so look out.
When I left this morning from Venice I just took Hwy23 to Hwy 90 all the way back to Lafeyette. It wasn't too bad you just gotta look out for the cops. They are on I10 also so... I don't speed too bad.
Anyway what I wanted to update everyone on is more
and more people are coming back and rebuilding. I was down there 6 months ago and its not the same only better. The ones that have money are building beautiful homes. The orange tree crops are really coming along. The new orange trees look great. Gardens are looking good too. I enjoyed seeing those tending to the orange crop they really look dedicated.
I saw most of Venice and north of there during the early morning hours and it's still heartbreaking when you see the houses and business still torn apart from Katrina. A lot of it is cleaned up but still there are a lot that needs to be hauled off.
One thing some of the big giant oak trees are trying to come back. It depends on were they are located if they are behind the levy and blocked from wind they are in pretty good shape but the ones out in the open geezzz it still looks like a war zone for those.
I saw countless numbers heading into work. But I saw numerous boats heading on down.
Thunderstorms were pretty bad this morning so I hope everyone was careful.
Well, I thought I share that with you guys. I'm not the best writer but oh well I try.


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My name's Sandy too, so I gotta chime in on my homeland. I rarely get to Venice, but I have a lot of family history in Empire and Port Sulphur as many of you have read about over the last couple of years. Things are really coming along in Plaquemines parish, and the fishing is very good as usual. If you're planning a trip, the marinas in Venice, Empire, Buras, and Myrtle Grove are all operational now. Hotels, restaurants, and bait shops are all back. The Delta Marina in Empire is building on a rather grand scale. Unfortunately and stupidly in my mind, they are only offering a boat ramp and do not plan to build a boat hoist. My dad's boat requires a hoist, so it's not good news for us. $10 is the going rate for launching at a ramp. That's pretty steep, but the fishing is good enough to say it's worth it. We made many trips down there from New Orleans and enjoyed every minute in our old stomping grounds.

If you're headed that way, exit I-10 at clearview and take the Huey P. Long bridge across the river. Then take the west bank expressway to Hwy 23 (Lafayette St.) exit. Then south on Hwy 23. Buy your bait and ice in Empire at Frelich Seafood and Bait. It's just before the big bridge. They are good people. If you're there in the morning, say hi to Jimmy Martinez. He works there now, but many remember him as the previousl manager of the Delta Marina. He's a heckuva nice guy and the center of fishing info in the area. He'll tell you where they are biting. - Sandy
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