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Im having one of those days.

You ever have one? I take this issue so to heart, Im grasping at straws. Possibly, Im obsessed. Heck, I dont even really know whats going on behind the scenes.

I need to take a break.

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We have posted a copy of our brief on standing on the TOBA website and a link to a copy of the brief submitted, jointly, by COG, Galveston County, Galveston Parks Board, San Luis Development Corp and Centex Development Corp.



It looks like it'll be a busy three months coming up for some of us as we prepare to submit an appeal. I can't imagine not submitting one.

Tom Brown

"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still." FDR

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Hard Head,

We filed in the right jurisdiction! The judge found that we did not have standing! We knew the standing issue would be very tuff to get past, but we also felt that we had some very strong arguments for the judge to grant us standing. As Tom posted, our trial brief and the defendants trial brief is on the TOBA web site. We also will be appealing the case in the near future.

Tim Lopas

Ps. Hopefully, it's not BYE BYE SLP just yet...
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