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Jetties 6/3/06

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Late Report,
Fished the Jetties Sat with a H.S. buddy from back home. We took his boat, 20' Mako. From the get go it was a slow start. Got up at 4am and met him at his house. Got there at 4:45am and unloaded my stuff into his truck. We him haw'd around for an hour waiting on another friend and his g/f. Finally we got on the road down south to pick up his boat. When we got there i noticed that the bait airiator was broken and all the bait he caught the night before was dead..:eek:
So we decided to pick up some bait on the dike. By the time we got there 7:15 all the live bait was gone. So we decided to get some shad and head out. We were waiting in line at the ramp and just by luck there was a guy giving away his bait from the night before. Must have been a quart of shrimp! They were alive and kicking good but, we didn't wanna mix the good bait in with the dead bait from earlier that morning. So i said lets launch and get some fresh water. We got everything ready and backed down the ramp only to stop 3' short of the water. Come to find out the plug was not in the boat. We pulled forward and tore the whole boat/ truck apart looking for a plug. Finally we found one and backed down the ramp. In the mean time all the shrimp that were given to us died.. :help:
We went ahead and figured we would fish with dead bait if nothing else. Headed over to the boat cut around 8ish and didn't pick up much. Had Two good runs right off the bat that almost spooled the reel before the hook pulled. After that we headed down to the end of the north jettie. We pulled up and got the anchor set. The boat next to us had a triple hook-up on reds with nothing to show for us. I decided to put on a small crab that was still alive in the bait well. Within 30 seconds i was hooked up. That lasted a whole 10 seconds. As soon as i thought i could turn the fish the hook pulled.
We caught a few smacks and then decided to head over to the pocket. We started out deep (10-18' of water) with some cut shad. We must of had 10-15 runs in 15 minutes. We landed a few black tips and atlantic's i think. All the sharks were caught on shad drifted behind the boat. The biggest went about 4.5'. I held one of the smaller ones but, decided It was too risky to hold the bigger ones.:brew: LOL
On the way back to the ramp there were a bunch of birds working the channel. We threw everything but the kitchen sink at um and not a hit.
All in all a good day but, I would have rather been over in east bay if it was up to me.
P.S. Anyone know how to clean a shark? And are they good to eat? We let all of them go because we weren't sure.


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