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Stopped by the rehab for a very quick visit on the way to work last night.
Jerry has only been there one day and seems to be happy.
At first she was put in a "cracker box" size room with no tv and was getting claustrophobic. She told them if they could`nt do any better than that , to call me to come get her.
She is now alone in a semi - private with a tv and a personal heater.
She said the food is good and they brought her a few sugar cookies
that were the best she`s ever eaten . Diabetes and sugar cookies ?
Anyway, the visiting hours are 3pm - 8 pm on week days but a nurse
said I can visit when I`m able because of my work schedule.
Somehow I have to have a ramp built before she can come home.
Guess my first course of action is to talk with the social or case worker
at the rehab. I can`t afford the material nor do I really have the time
build one at this point since I`ve missed some time at work and I`ve volunteered to work for someone this weekend.
I`ve got to get as much time in at my job to make up for when I had
to take off.
Anyway, I believe we will get a wheelchair but I`m going to put in for
a motorized one just in case. Our house has narrow openings ,especially
the bathrooms but I believe she`ll be able to use a walker for the
most part. My brother has basically given me a car that needs work but
I`m going to try and get something that we can install a lift for a
wheelchair within 90 days.
My aim is to get her out of the house as much as possible instead of
just being on the couch all the time. We decided to arrange her sleeping
quarters in the living room so she can be by a phone, tv , and the
kitchen. Then, the only distance she`ll have to travel is to the bathroom.
Well, looks like we are on a good start for her recovery.
You folks have been great and have inspired me during the
times of frustration and discouragement. Well, I`m going in early
today so I need to get to bed.
Take care all .

Please continue to keep Hector and other 2coolers in your prayers.

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Excellent news Grandpa! We will keep y'all in our prayers... Keep your chin up and everything will work out amigo!

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Man, I'm sure there are some 2Coolers that could help you build a ramp amigo. If I lived closer, I'd come over and build it for you.
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