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TAMU, most reel applications are generally used in a freediving or open bluewater scenario. Not to say you couldn't blow bubbles on the rigs with one, but common Rigdiver safety POV is, the less chances you give Mr. Murphy the better. I just emailed all my crew some good 411 on riding rigs, which is a setup the Helldivers came up with especially for rig diving and shooting big fish. The Helldivers are living legends and pioneers in the sport of rig diving. What a riding rig does is separate your rigging from your gun, by way of a piece of rope, and allows you to tie your fish off to the rig and fight it, or you can let go, only sacrifice your spear and rigging, and get to keep your gun.

I've made about a dozen in the last week and could help you out if interested. I'll also try and post up some links.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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