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The Venice trip was good but not asgreat as I thought it would be. First day we headed out SP caught bait a Cognac seas running 1-2' so we headed to Mars. When we arrived water was still green but some YFT were greeting us by jumping out of the water. Set out three lines two on outriggers and one line out the back. Doing a stop and go troll for 1.5-2hrs. nothing. Headed over to Ursa no distinctive line or color change just an ongoing color change to blue. No signs of tuna coming up to greet us when we arrived. Set out lines, continued marking fish at 60'-80' couldn't get them to come up, current was light so we drop straight down and brought two Barracudas. Left Ursa headed over to Lexington. We arrived to find more feeding tune (BF) within about 30 min we had 5 takers but only one boated. Then the action stopped continued for another hour and went to Medusa with no luck there as well so we headed in.

The next day we decided to head out SWP to at least get some AJ's in the boat. The wind was W at 12-18 and where the river meets the Gulf it was 4'-6' seas for about the first .5-1 mile. Continued on and seas settled down to 2-3'. Made to SH-WD143 caught some hard tails and dropped them down, for limit of AJ's. Headed out for Medusa splitting two rain showers on the way with lots of funnel clouds. Fished Medusa for an hour with no luck. Slow trolled over to Lexington. Two of Peace's boats were there (Billy and Brett) Lots of bait but with fish being marked at 80' we stayed there for three hours with nothing to show. While we were there Billy's crew hooked up with a 139lb YFT. Wind was increasing so I headed in towards SP and stop at a few pipe stands for Snapper but only caught more AJ’s that we released and one King. We retuned to Cypress Cove to find out that Billy and Brett both had several (4-5 each) YFT. They told me that they had an early bite and they had stopped 30 min. before I arrived at Lexington besides the 139lb YFT we saw Billy's crew catch. All that being said the trip was good no Problems with the boat or trailer and we caught some fish. One thing learned not to head out SWP with a Strong WEST WIND.
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