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January 16, 2019

January is Fresh!!

by Capt Craig Lambert

Fresh is what the bays are and it has crippled our fishing the last few weeks. As of mid January the northern part of the bay is completely fresh but the salinity levels are just starting to creep up as I write this article. To stay away from the flooding waters coming down the rivers head south towards the jetties where the best fishing usually occurs during flooding events.

The fishing was solid the first week of January but there hasn't been much to talk about since then. As long as we don't get anymore events where we get several inches of rain the bay should flush out in the next week or so. I am expecting a decent fishing forecast for the later part of January and for the first of February. If we can just get rid of this fresh water we an get back to normal. February is big fish month so that is just around the corner and something to look forward to.

Look for redfish to withstand the flood much better than the specks. Typically during these events there are still a few reds left hanging around with the channel cats. Their tolerance to low salinity is much higher than specks which will completely vacate the area if inundated with fresh water. When fishing during an event like this definitely fish the bottom. If you are fishing with lures keep it low and slow and if you are using live shrimp under a popping cork then use long leaders that keep the bait near the bottom.

Good fishing is just around the corner so just sit tight, be ready and always take a kid fishing!
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