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Just talked to a friend who is an emergency services guy who was on the ground in Jamaica Beach all day doing search & rescue.....said there is alot of damage...but most of the houses are still standing. They did not find any fatalities.

Lots of debris on the roads. The beach is gone.....and all of the front row houses lost the 1st floor, but he did not think that any were totally gone...but was not sure.

I am on the big canal next to the state park and lost the 1st floor and part of my deck & boat house....looked like the roof lost a few shingles.....he said it looked like the surge was 10-15 feet. He is going to try and get in my house tomorrow to see if I got water on the main floor......I am probably 14 feet above sea level...

We probably will not be able to get in till the end of next week and access will be very controlled.....there is still alot of water covering the island as you head towards the Pass. Said there we 6 DPS and 3 FEMA checkpoints between the causeway & JB.

I will provide any further info as I get it....they are going to be back in tomorrow.
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