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Fishing Report

Fishing clients from Oklahoma, Houston, San Antonio, and the Carolina's were well pleased with the duck hunting. The fishing is another story as we've all of the sudden hit the tough and cold Winter conditions of calm, clear, and cold.

What had been producing strong catches for guests at The Lodge which was mud/grass stopped producing for us on a fishing blitz late week and through the weekend. Five different trips, some fishing intensive, some fishing after duck hunting, but the results were all the same. From the upper end of Hynes to The Island, it was a slow grind with few "solids".

Duck/Goose Hunting

The best stretch of weather to befall the Texas Coast was had by all over the last week. That kept our guides coursing coffee and nicotine through their veins as they tackled their assignments through 16 hour days and treacherous weather at times with clients stretching from both ends of the continent. It's the adrenaline rush from a pre-determined outcome; the heritage and lifestyle of the waterfowler; the challenges of weather, client capabilities, the potential to be experienced, and belaying all the obstacles that attempt to prevent it. Special thanks to our Team including Capt. Steve Boldt, Capt. James Cunningham, Capt. Jake Huddleston, Capt. Matt Raley, Capt. Chris Cady, and Capt. Doug Russell.

We're hoping to dry out a little, but it looks like rain as early as tomorrow. Duck wise, things are looking better on the coast. Geese are still a little sketchy in the County but that's likely to change at the drop of a hat. With hard core weather since the split, you get a good look at bird populations and there's certainly no shortage in the area. That was evident with our clients taking heavy straps and full limits through that stretch. Friday, as High Pressure set in, things dried up air traffic wise. Such was the case Saturday morning as things looked pretty tough for Tom L and guests. Surprisingly, we manage to limit two out of three shoots, don't ask me how. Bluebird conditions looked like an impossible situation. Strong afternoon shoots on Redheads and Pintails followed the "Saturday morning miracle" with guests arriving mid-day for an afternoon shoot and a Sunday morning combination hunt on geese and ducks. If Saturday was a challenge, Sunday truly looked impossible with a slick off. Two of our bay hunts managed half limits on Gadwall, Shoves, Motts, and Widge. The inland combo hunt turned up the volume with a strong showing of 20 ducks and 6 geese including an eagle head blue goose.

We've got a light schedule over the holiday week with a few shooters coming in from Cali. We'd like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge, Inc.
109 W. Austin
Seadrift, TX 77983
1-888-618-4868 Office
361-785-4487 Fax
361-648-3474 Cell


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