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I needed an excuse for a short road trip anyway

After talking with Shad Dad last night about the lake lots that he has listed in the Classifieds, I intended to be up there checking on them by noon.

I mentioned the deal to my wife before she left for work this morning, and she wanted to ride along and just get out of the house for a while. She took a copy of the Men Vs Women thread to work with her and made a bunch of marginal notes! She thought they were hilarious! Whew, dodged another night with the hounds! Ok fine, plans pushed back a few hours.

We get a few miles down the road when we see a wrecker sneaking down the (long, long) driveway toward the house of one of the Detectives that works for the Sheriff's office. She is at work and there is no one around. By the time we get her on the phone some 20 minutes later the wrecker is long gone. This is the same woman who lost her husband (ex- FBI) to cancer a year ago, and who's daughter (Justice of the Peace’s Secretary) and grandson were killed in a gruesome car wreck a few weeks ago. As it turns out, the wrecker was trying to repo the dead daughter's car!

Anyway, on the road again….just can’t wait to get on the road again…

We follow Shad Dad’s directions right to the place…it’s well maintained, the grass is neatly mowed and cared for by someone, probably the Fire Dept. next door. The place seemed nice enough, water, telephone, and electricity all in place.

We meet a few of the neighbors, and their dogs. Friendly, Thank God! We jot down a few local contact phone numbers, and the wife decided that it was time to find something to eat.

We headed back in to Pottsboro looking for someplace interesting to eat. We wound up at a Mexican restaurant next door to West Marine. Hmmmm… can you hear the wheels turning? Any idea where we spent a few hurried minutes after supper as the sales staff was trying to go home?

Walking Jack, Your nephew was not in at the time, but the sales crew said that they would let him know that your influence does indeed have a long reach!

Over dinner the wife decided that, yes Texoma was a nice enough place, but it wasn’t the coast. Just too far from salt water, and too far north in the winter! She said that if we are going to go to the expense of buying a place near the water, it d**** sure better be salt water! Can’t argue with that!

We had wandered down to Indianola and Port Lavaca last year on SCA Banquet weekend, and she wants to head back that way, and cruise southward to look for a place to ride out the winters ahead. I’ve got just 6 more years (and 4 months and 2 weeks and…) until I’m eligible for early retirement, and just 3 more kids to get thru high school, so now is the time to start looking.

I’m kinda looking forward to joining the TTMB “Old Fart’s Club”! (yeah, yeah, my wife says that I’m already a charter member!)

Maybe then I can finally get to do some serious snapper fishing, and deer hunting, and tuna fishing, and elk hunting, and flounder giggin, and pier pounding, and goose hunting…..!
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