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Ok i just bought a used boat and I am looking for some items....

in no real order

1)Boat cover...who makes a decent boat cover to keep animals, bugs etc out of the boat? The boat will be stored under a roof but be open to the bay air...

2)Trailer straps..just the standard rear short straps that hold the boat down to the trailer....this is a kenner vision boat...i have one, I guess one strap broke or fell off

3)Ice chest seat like the one that came with center console...72qt marine ice chest with built in/on seat pad...all I have found are button on pads....where you buy the factory type stuff?

4)The attachment for the Mercury flush....There is an attachment for the mercury 90HP where you can flush the motor without cranking it...I am missing that attachment

5) i have two trailer lights out..I guess there is two bulbs on the back break/taillight...one lights up which lights half of the light, but one is obviously out...can I actually replace this light or will that mess up the water seal?
Also on of the small yellow lights is out onthe side, the one at night that shows me when trailering where the wheels are on the road..I would like to replace this, is this a replaceable bulb or do I have to replace the whole thing?
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