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Yea Shad....I did. Just got in to Houston where I have a computer..but anyway after looking at the date..I picked up my limit for two people...50 whites plus a cat or two ..heck Monday, Tuesday, and now today...Wed. 7-19-06. Would do it again tomorrow but that darn 100 degree temp. wears on a person. Whew hate to give out my ole honey hole and worse yet couldn't really tell you how to find it....how's this out by walker's lake. Now if you where runnin around pine island about 10:00 each day...you woulda seen a boat way out there in walkers lake area...there was only one...and that was me....and catchin whites we were. Actually theres another hump out there that I think some boat where on yesterday 7-18-06 thats really good but I am not sure if I can find it ...probably have to putt around abit...I would really like to find it because I had a trot line I'd like to find by it....darn thing was strecthed across the trinity river bottom.
I come out of penwaugh or old 190 boat ramp so I generally stay a little on the north of pine island, and really don't know any good spots in that area...except the beach area on the weekend ...full of bikini's....probably be down there hum maybe friday....i would like to beat the weekend crowd on another round of free for all. Then stay the weekend....i am not to much on the weekend fight for a spot...so I generally try to play with the pretties.
I will say this much too the bucket's been off and on depends....and I trolled around 190 road bed about 5 minutes...before I struck out for walker's lake....I know this the white are where the deep water comes up on a steep bank...where this is one. ok here's a pic or two.....
we'll have to meet up....I am out there in a deckboat....


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