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Is There Any Way To Fly From Houston To Tyler And Back?

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It looks like my father in law has taken a turn for the worst and Mrs Angler2407 will need to go to Tyler. Does anyone know of a small airline that goes there? I would guess there may be one that flies to some of these smaller cities.

Your prayers and thoughts 12-18 months ago meant alot to him. And they helped alot. He's a good man. I am grateful for your concern....
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See What I Mean... TTMB Rocks

If you don't know, just ask....

Thanks everyone. This site is so helpful. I had my insurance rates for my business cut in HALF, I found a sweet deal on a new car here, and have had my legal concerns addressed and taken off my shoulders. Now I don't have to drive anyone to Tyler. All from here!

Have a great Friday! Y'all are appreciated....

Just an update...

Thanks for the prayers, y'all. Mama made it there and back. Her Dad is doing better. He was smoking a cigar outside the hospital on saturday. The doctor says hes a stubborn old SOB and could live a few weeks or even years.

He had a leg amputated earlier this year. He was complaining to Mrs Angler that he wanted a "peg leg" and not a fake leg. I guess he's feeling better, huh?

They attribute his surprising improvement to his will and attitude. I know where he really got that boost and so do you!

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