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Is There Any Way To Fly From Houston To Tyler And Back?

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It looks like my father in law has taken a turn for the worst and Mrs Angler2407 will need to go to Tyler. Does anyone know of a small airline that goes there? I would guess there may be one that flies to some of these smaller cities.

Your prayers and thoughts 12-18 months ago meant alot to him. And they helped alot. He's a good man. I am grateful for your concern....
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drew, i am pretty sure my sister flew into tyler one time from lubbock. i dont remember the details, but ill call my dad right quick and see if he remembers. get back to yal in a few.
drew, i called my dad and he said he was pretty sure the american eagle flew in there. he said delta used to have a small plane that used to come in there, but he couldnt remember the name of it. GOOD LUCK! I hope and pray he gets better.
drew, im glad to hear mrs angler made it back home ok, and very glad to hear her dad is doing better for now! thanks for the update.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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