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Spysweeper..Yes and No

AT&T ISP is offering Spysweeper free to it's members.

I also use Ad-Aware SE

Spybot S&D

Spyware Blaster

A good firewall: (there are many) keeps stuff from coming in AND out.
Zone Alarm is here

A good anti-virus program (again there are many)
AVG is here

Think about a different browser like Mozilla
beside the security reason, there are other feature you might like, try out the tabbed browser and the popup blocker. Only drawback, is when you need windows updates you must use IE.

I use a program called Startup Monitor. Anytime a program tries to register in the system startup, it will popup asking you if it is OK. Very handy and very small. It just sits in the background until needed.

Keep you critical windows updates current.
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