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Is I-10 Open, Houston to Beaumont?

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My parents in Beaumont have a whole house nat gas generator. Thinking about sending the wife and kids there to enjoy A/C, television, and a house that does not reek of sour food, sweat, and dog urine.

--Are the roads open?

--Can she get gas there/in the area? We have gas cans if we need to take it with us, but it's more convenient if we don't have to.

What do you guys think?
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I went down to Nederland, Port Arthur and Groves yesterday and from what I saw it was very sporadic damage. There is for less damage than after Rita. Beaumont has limited power. I believe that you have to boil the water, not sure about the sewer situation though. Several stores are open "ie. Sam's Club".

Here's a list of road closings.

Salvation Army Feeding Sites

Southeast Texas Emergency Management; Feeding Locations/Beaumont

I know that there is gas in Beaumont, just not where. Lumbertown just north of Beaumont has several gas stations open.

You can listen to KLVI on the internet or at 560am to get more specifics or call in and ask a question.


Good luck to ya'll!
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