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Drumbo said:
Yep! And an Idle person is the symbol of an Idle Mind
Well, I have heard that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. If that is true, then what is an empty desk a sign of?

Hey Drumbo, how about the Eagles play of the game?

Posted on Mon, Oct. 18, 2004

Security chief sacks official for 15-yard Birds penalty

By Bob Brookover Inquirer Staff Writer

Butch Buchanico's job title is director of team security.

One of his tasks every Sunday is to keep the Eagles' players and coaching staff out of harm's way.

What he did yesterday was get in the way, and it cost the Eagles 15 of the 66 yards that J.R. Reed picked up on the game's opening kickoff.

With Reed getting upfield quickly, then working his way down the left sideline, the man everyone calls "Butch" got caught up in the excitement of the play and found himself running along the sideline.

Unfortunately for him and the Eagles, one of the officials collided with Buchanico, and the director of team security was flagged for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty.

Fortunately for Buchanico, the Eagles pummeled the Carolina Panthers, 30-8, and coach Andy Reid was in a joking mood afterward.

"I was just trying to make a play," Buchanico said before Reid started his postgame news conference.

"That'll be the last play you make, Butch," Reid said while keeping a straight face.

A reporter asked Reid if Buchanico had been benched.

"Yeah," Reid said. "He's going back with the governor."

That was a reference to Buchanico's last job before he joined the Eagles in 1996. Buchanico, 59, had previously served as chief of security for Mayor Edward G. Rendell, who, of course, is now the governor of Pennsylvania. Before that, the South Philadelphia native was a Philadelphia police officer.

Apparently, things weren't so jovial on the sidelines when the play happened.

"Andy turned to me and told me to stay off the field," Buchanico said. "That's what I did. I got as far away from the field as I could."

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