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Well, I finally feel well enough to post a little something about this weekends marathon. Got a call from Farmer Jim on Friday that one of his crew backed out and needed a fill in. I gladly accepted and worked things out so I (the wife) could call in sick. Hit the sack about 11:30 and woke up wide-eyed at 1:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. So I hit the road to Freeport to join the Dolphin Hunter and crew. You already know the details of the trip so I won't bore you with that.

I've always wanted to fish with Jim as he always seems to catch some good fish. He didn't disappoint either. Jim is a serious hardcore fisherman and a fine captain to boot. I hope I'm still able to do what he manages to do with ease when I get to be his and Jacks age.

Before saturdays trip I'd only managed one small AJ in my short offshore career and that was quickly changed at our first stop. If my memory serves me correct, we had a triple on at the same time. All fish in the 25lb. range. Man can those things fight.

You know about the rest of the trip so I'll just say that I got home about 10 that night and by the time I got cleaned up, ate, and repacked for Sunday, it was midnight before I fell into bed.

Alarm goes off at 3:45 and I attempted to jump out of bed but my legs weren't responding like they normally should. Slammed a couple or three advil, chased by a Dr. Pepper and got in the truck to head to Matagorda for Sundays trip with bg. I was just as fired up as Saturday but there were those aches and pains from the day before that were playing with my mind. Not to worry, when we cleared the jetties at 35 mph staring at 1 ft. seas all was good and I was "going deep again".

The water out of Matagorda was much nicer in close than it was in Freeport. We were in blue-green water at about 8 miles and in THE BLUE by 20. Stopped at the first rip, made bait, and bloodied the boat with about 20 small dolphin. Due to Farmer Jim not wanting to hear about the dolphin, I want go into any details, lol. We left early as there were another 20 or 30 hanging around the boat but the pull to bigger fish was too great.

Pushed on out farther and you know all about those details already. My stamina was beggining to wain at about 3 o'clock and that made for a long ride in even though it was at whatever speed you wanted to go. Got the fish cleaned, the truck loaded, and made the trip back to Pearland. Hit the sack at 11:30 and woke up in the same exact position when the alarm went off on Monday. I was a wreck at work and didn't do alot of moving around, lol.

I'll end this poorly written novel by saying thanks to two fine captains, Jim and Bernie, for the chance to go deep. I look forward to any future trips with you guys. I promise to have my A game the next time out. Don't know what the deal was but I missed a bunch of fish this weekend. Just not used to that. I think I figured out why though. It's all Jacks fault. lol He was snake bit on our first spot and I not only told him it'll get better but i rubbed my lucky golf hat on him and his luck changed after that for the good. Unfortunately, it went the other way for me.

Hey Jack, I want my mojo back, lol.


Jim, Bernie, Leo, Jack, Brian and Justin, it was a pleasure fishing with you gentlmen. Thanks.
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