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Let's pretend we are all evil, sinister, conniving behind-the-scenesters who are more than willing to introduce "invasive" species to the Texas inshore/offshore coast. I'd vote for Maine Lobster and Striped Bass!

And, while in still pretend mode, you would add......? (No need to get technical and explain why certain species would fail due to environmental conditions.)...Just post up!

I'm sure many of us would throw away our crab traps to go out and catch some yummy lobsters any ole given day.

(This post/thread is made in good fun!) ...Just go with the flow, so to speak. I'm sure you'd like to see more Halibut down here that'd dwarf the flounder immeasurably, and exponentially, in size, i.e. Can you imagine the size of the gigging prongs? :D
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