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Hunting Guide

All Agricultural, Business, Engineering, Wildlife, and Recreational Services


Minimum GPA Requirement:

United States -TX -Falfurrias (remote area in South Texas) Post Code: 70

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This position is temporary/seasonal. Seeking hunting guides and bird dog handlers at Halliburton's Mota Bonita Lodge during September-2006 to March-2007 hunting season. Salary is hourly and includes staff lodging, private bath, TV, three meals per day, and numerous benefits. The lodge is located approximately 20 miles south of Falfurrias, Texas and currently leases approximately 40,000 acres on the Encino Division of the King Ranch.

Position requires a knowledge of hunting, firearms, firearms safety, and interpersonal communication skills that will enable the individual to effectively guide hunting trips with top level executives from around the world. Position requires a Hunter Education Certificate issued by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept., a valid driver's license, a basic knowledge of auto mechanics, and the ability to lift, unassisted, 100 lbs. A knowledge of game laws, upland game species, their habitats, and the ability to field dress and process the carcasses of those game animals is required. Experience training bird dogs is a definite plus. In addition, some knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, and or electrical repair is desirable.

Work Authorization: All candidates must presently be a United States Citizen, Lawful Permanent Resident, Refugee, or Asylee

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I know one...

Well, at least he use to be. Works for Bariod Fluid Services these days but earlier in his career he was a guide with Dresser Industries at King Ranch. He got pretty good at gutting deer and cleaning birds. Big challenge was that not all the folks coming down really knew how to handle a weapon. Sometime it was a challenge making sure guests to the ranch were safe, but still had a good time and actually managed to shoot game.

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Melon said:
I bet Cheney would be interested after he retires!Sounds like a great part time job. LOL
:D LOL ....Dick Cheney would need a film crew down there, for the remake of "The Most Dangerous Game." (a classic 1930's movie about a crazy captain shipwrecking upon an island, letting his passengers go astray, and then with intent he goes on a hunting spree for 'em!)
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