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Indoor rally at HIRCR

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This Friday will be the debut of Trey's newest creation, indoor rally!

He's going to build a "tamer" off road and we'll see how the rally cars do.

See www.hircr.com for times and locations, and warm up those Associated rallys.
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I wish I could make it. A "tame" offroad track probably means that my RC-18T will work good too. It doesn't like the big jumps. muhahaha

Guff, are you going to change anything from your current configuration on your rally?
Maybe :D

I have an idea or two.

The RC-18 jumps just fine when you apply my fix :)
Hope to be out there tonight. Haven't decided if i'll run the rally yet.
I have mine, we'll see what happens.
you guys are killing me with this rally talk, i am itching to get one....
Do it! You don't get into RC'ing for any cheaper....and they're fast.
The rally's worked pretty nice. I really enjoyed it..and I won $6 in the "kitty" race!
Thanks Chris! Great night guys,thanks for coming out. it was great to see Chris and Jim again. Rally racing was pretty cool. Cars handled very well I thought. I think all they need from stock is a slightly higher ride height. I am working on some special tires with Wayne and once we determine the size we'll make it a class spec size so don't go rush out and buy em yet. We will run a spec rally class this winter for sure so stand by! Onroad today!!!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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