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Do you find that it takes longer and longer for applications to open when you boot WinXP?
One common cause is the Win XP prefetch system.
"What's Prefetch?" you ask. It's a way for Windows to pre-load the data needed for running applications before you launch them. It's supposed to make them launch quicker. What actually happens is that programs you hardly ever use take up space and the wrong data gets prefetched.

Good newsâ€"these PF instructions can safely be deleted making your boot time faster. Go to Start / Run and type in "Prefetch" (or go to C:\WINDOWS\PREFETCH). You'll probably see a big long list.

Go ahead and Ctrl+A to select all then hit the Delete key.The next time you boot, XP will rebuild the list according to the applications you actually use. More speed and more space. Yeah!

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Jaw...for Win98 you could use msconfig

As with any changes, if you do not understand them ask first before making any changes. Now that I said that...LOL go to start, run and type msconfig then click enter.
This will load the System Configuration Utility
The first thing you should do is concentrate on the startup tab rather than the autoexec and config files/sections of the utility.

Click on the Startup tab
In the white pane you will see all the programs that load every time you turn on your computer

This is how you can stop programs from loading at startup :

To stop programs from loading at startup firstly choose which programs you would like to keep loading at startup, and which you wouldn't

Secondly, you will need to understand the following 4 important points :

1) Whatever you choose to not load at startup will NOT effect whether you can use this program or not. The program will run as normal for you but will NOT load at startup. The most obvious sign of a program loading at startup would be a small icon next to the clock on your desktop. By choosing to not have it load at startup you will still be able to use the program, but the icon next to the clock will not be there.

2) The following programs you MUST NOT stop from loading at startup as they are needed by Windows :
  • ScanRegistry
  • LoadPowerProfile (there will be 2 occurrences of this and it is normal)
  • Systray
  • Avoid disabling your Antivirus loading at startup (unless you know what you're doing), so avoid Norton, McAfee, InoculateIT program items (depending on the Antivirus software you use, way too many to list)
  • Avoid disabling any software Firewall you may be using such as Zone Alarm (unless you know what you're doing)
NOTE: LoadPowerProfile - LoadPowerProfile is Power management specifics such as monitor shut-off, system standby, etc. Associated with power management and is listed twice. This can be disabled if the user doesn't have any of the above setup.

3) If you stop a program from loading at startup and at a later date decide you would like to have it load at startup again repeat the following process but instead of removing the tick next to the programs name ADD it.

4) If you're not sure what a program is that is listed do NOT disable it.
Find a program you don't want to load at startup and remove the tick from besides it's name

To confirm what you've done click Apply

Once you have disabled all that you would like to disable click Apply then OK and Windows will ask you to restart your PC

Your PC will reboot as normal and once Windows has fully loaded check your system resources. You should see that you System Resources are now quite a bit higher.
How do I check my System Resources ?

Right click "My Computer" and click Properties (People with Windows keyboards can hold down the Windows key and press Pause/Break as an alternative shortcut). The "System Properties" window will now popup

Click on the Performance tab

Your system resources will be shown in a percentage value under the heading "Performance Status
Ideally you should have your System Resources say after restarting your PC in the region of 80%-95%
I hope this helps...........

Thanks, Bill!

I have done what you said (and saved your instructions to disk). When I restart my computer i am told that I have 75% free. Is that bad?


ps: I am still having the IE reboot problem when I try to allow ActiveX functions on non-"trusted" sites. Did MicroSoft recently change something? It seems to be happening on revcently upgraded sites.

Next question I will have is about some cookies that keep coming in, and I don't know fromwhat host. :(

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That's some good info, Bill. Just went to XP on the new company pc last month and I've noticed it took longer and longer to boot as time went on (obviously, as more new programs had been loaded). Gonna give that sucker an enema real soon. ;)

geez, just checked ... 124 pf files

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here is a great little program (and free, I just LOVE free things)
I have it set to clean at boot up and it takes just a second or two. It cleans out internet junk. The cookies are not that big of a deal, they do not take up much room and I go look about once a week and clean out anything there.

75% free, was that resources? You should be able to get that to 80-95% free. You might have something else going on as I can not think of why you are having the issue with the ActiveX. I am having a meeting in the morning and I will ask around and see if anyone else is having any known issues.
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