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Any idea what the impact of the storm might be on the coastal fisheries? How will the recreational and commercial fisheries change? I read in another thread about all of the baby flounder on top of the grass in the marsh and in yards. Also about alligators in Surfside areas...What other changes will we likely see?

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Mother Nature

Trust me, Mother Nature will recover a lot faster than you think. And it certainly will recover before the man-made infrastructure will.

Hurricanes are nature's vacuum cleaner - and from strictly an ecological point of view, this will really help Galveston Bay and surrounding areas big time.

Passes are cleaned out, new cuts made, old potholes filled with pollution will be cleaned up, etc. Fishing will benefit from the lack of fishing pressure, destroyed commercial fishing, etc.

Expect fishing to be messed for quite a while I suspect it will be January AT THE EARLIEST salinity levels will BEGIN to return to normal.

After Claudette in Seadrift, the SA bay was fresh for several months. Even in November they were catching channel catfish off the Pringle shoreline.

Expect most all the oysters in Galveston bay to die. When I have more time, I will post a more detail prediction.
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