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I'm Engaged!!!

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Picked the ring up yesterday and it was burning a hole in my pocket. I arranged a nice candlelight picnic on her mom's sailboat at the Blue Dolphin Marina and proposed after dinner. She said YES, and we went to party with her family afterwards. This is exciting! We both got burned in our first marriages, and it's such a blessing to both of us to have met each other. This is what it's supposed to feel like!
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Hope all works out well and yall have a great life together. But, does she fish?LOL

She fishes

She loves to fish. I even got her started on wade-fishing. She landed her first keeper redfish last summer and she was hooked. It was like watching a kid! LOL

I got her a pair of neoprene waders for flounder fishing, but we have yet to go together. Next fall, we'll be going a bunch.

I need to take her for some night fishing off the pier in Rockport. That's always a blast and real fast action on the trout.
After you're married you will then find out if she really loves to fish. LOL

Congrats, Dude. Hope all works out the best.

Congrats on the engagement......hope yall have a looooooooong and wonderful life together.:shamrock: :fireworks
Congratulations!!!!!!............Way to go....AND she fishes.....AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

There are some of us women that truley do love to fish. I wish ya'll all the best.

Congrats!! Here's to many great years!

!!! <----- This would be a beer if the icon worked!! ;)
:brew: congrats, I did the same thing 19 years ago and haven't looked back.
A little humor

On a humerous note, she asked me the other day to teach her how to clean fish. I think she thought it would be cool since Lopas' wife cleans his fish for him. Maybe I'll send her over there and let his wife teach her how! hahaha

I was raised that you clean what you catch, so once she starts catching, she can start cleaning.
nasakid said:
On a humerous note, she asked me the other day to teach her how to clean fish.
Sounds like you got a keeper.j/k Good luck man and may you have many good years together.


Congrats on your engament. My wife has been married for 29 years...Me...I've just been hangin' around going "Yes dear."...LOL...VJER
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