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I lost everything in Katrina and now live north of Houston. One of the biggest things that saved me was a diary started the day of the hurricane. List every conversation with insurance people. List all expenses and trip miles to fix your stuff, Phone calls etc. Even list what friends you spoke to and about what

This will come in handy to prove you have been dealt with unfairly when the time comes. This is a major point that will make the insurance company step back and listen.

Make no mistake you who have lost due to IKE are now in the fight of your life. The insurance company will low ball you to no end. Get three contactors quotes for every repair and fight. If they send you a check, call back and fight. Speak to the insurance persons supervisor. Be the fly that will not go away.

Remember the adjustor will more than likely be a sub-contractor who does not work for the insurance company. He will more than likely be new and not familiar with the insurance software. He will more than likely be some handy man (warm Body) hired by the contact company. Do not trust this person to give you a correct claim assessment on your house. The insurance company hires these people because they must deal with you in a certain amount of time. He will make your claim with insurance and the insurance company will send you a check. This is when you send the three quotes to the insurance company and ask for another adjuster. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with your claim. Trust me one adjuster will give you $5K and the next adjuster may give you $20K. I had 5 adjusters.

Know the difference between rain water damage and flood water damage. Rain water damage will go on your homeowner claim. Use the proper words.

It took me 2 years to get my claim straight. The insurance company many times just sent me a low ball check to shut me up and go away. I just thanked them and kept fighting.

On another note, the lawyers are just as bad as the insurance people. They want 35% of your claim.

Be nice and keep fighting.

I feel for everyone on the coast. I know what you are going through. I lost everything due to Katrina and now live in the woodlands. I was trying to get as far from the coast as I could. A tree from IKE fell on my roof but feel lucky compared to those with floor water damage.

I hope this helps. Good luck and keep fighting!

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Great advice. We were lucky and lost only a travel trailer to Ike. The adjustor (who admitted that he knew nothing about travel trailers) came yesterday and declared it totalled. We are now waiting for the total loss department to call with a $$$$ number.

We are trying to be smart and called the salesperson that sold us the trailer. He suggested going to NADARV.com to obtain the blue book value. We did and now I am prepared for the call from total loss and have some back up to ensure we get a fair price.

Good luck to all of those that were affected by Ike!!!
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