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(more info on the bluewater board too)

Tate (Marlin1989) went outside along with his wife during Hurricane Ike to assess a tree branch or something and was hit by a tree in the early morning hours on Saturday, September 13. He suffered head trauma and has broken his back. Tate and his wife, Jennifer, have two young girls, Madison (8) and Grayson (4). Miraculously, Tate was able to be transported to a neighborhood hospital during the worst part of the storm. He initially was taken to Hermann Hospital in SugarLand, however there they were on generator power and had no water. There he was given steroids and initial care. He was conscious although did not remember what had happened. Late on Saturday he was transferred to the main Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center--where he is receiving world-class trauma care. Shortly after arriving there, the doctors drained his lung as it had filled with blood due to a broken rib. Not surprisingly (given all the prayer warriors and our AWESOME God), Tate improved shortly thereafter. He was in a lot of pain…worried about work…supporting his family…etc…BUT HE'S ALIVE! We praise God that Jennifer was not hit by the tree also. They sedated Tate heavily Saturday night and all day on Sunday. Yes, he has an incredibly tough road ahead of him…but he has a road…and for that, we must be thankful..Continue to pray for Jennifer, Madison and Gracie. Further, we pray that Tate's family see the incredibly wonderful hands and arms of Christ. Tate and family have an incredibly tough road ahead of them…PRAY, PRAY, PRAY…

latest update from http://www.carepages.com/carepages/TatetheGreat/updates/1725770

Quick status:
Tate's ready for a good night's rest. As you know, in ICU, he's woken up often and is ready for someone to "just take him home. They'll reassess the situation later." (Tate J) Pray for his rest.

Tremendous Progress Today-a Stinker!Posted 14 hours ago
Tate continues to make tremendous progress...he's definitely still the Tate we know and love. Earlier today the nurses gave him a bath and shaved him. Each time they got close to his mouth he would bite the razor....so he's going for an Antonio Banderas look right now. His CT scan revealed a small amount blood on his brain but nothing to be concerned about according to his doctor(s). At the 6:00 visitation, he was pretty wiped out. He didn't respond much. Jennifer et al explained that he needs to eat to get the feeding tubes out. Sweet Jen (do we love her or what??!) had an iPod ready for him to listen to some tunes again. She asked if he liked the music and he only responded with a nod. Nurse Helga (ok..it's really Eileen but she runs a tight ship...her motto is to treat the patients as you would your own family member...you want them to get better!) asked what was playing and Jen responded Cold Play. Todd was thinking it was Pat Green again and told Nurse Helga he thought it was Pat Boone the whole time. Tate, clearly listening the entire time, broke out in a goofy laugh. So, even though he doesn't have the energy to respond, he hears it all. Helga asked if he'd like to listen to the Aggie War Hymn and he responded (as trained at that orange and white cult), "No, thank you." (Darn...we didn't have in the maroon and white area long.) So, the summary for today (unless there's any huge (or funny) item to note at the final visitation) is that Tate is improving. Today marked significant improvement, conversation, real dialogue. Clearly he's aware of what's going on. Pray on, dear warriors! God is definitely hearing our prayers. Pray also for all in the Houston area as things are definitely not anywhere close to normal. Many are still without power. Ice is hard to find and gas requires waiting in lines for hours.

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Heavenly Father,

I come to your Throne of Grace on behalf of Tate and his family. Pour out your Holy Spirit on all of them. Pour your healing and sustaining power on Tate. Renew his body, soul and spirit.

Thank you for sparing his life. I ask you to restore him and make him new. Give him back any abilities that were lost in the accident, and let him praise the name of Jesus for his swift recovery.

In the name of Jesus my Savior I pray. Amen.
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