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I've been racking my brain figuring out how I can do something about all of the litter on the shorelines from IKE. I've spoke with others in the guide business and fellow sportsman that have said "there is nothing we can do." I DON'T BELIEVE IT AND UNFORTUNATELY I HAVE MORE TIME THAN MONEY.

In my most recent report (http://2coolfishing.com/ttmbforum/showthread.php?t=180455) I mention how unsightly the Port O'Connor shorelines are and that the debris have become stranded in areas that most would consider "pristine." Many shorelines around POC have debris above the high tide line that will remain there until another very high water situation presents itself or until hard blowing North winds arrive later this fall and some of the trash is distributed elsewhere. Currently and for a minimum of the next 3/4-weeks there will be enough water in the bays to make a minor clean-up successful, but we have to work quickly.

My plan is to gather debris, bundle it, tag it for removal, photograph it, record GPS coordinates and stake it on a shoreline nearby the collection area for future removal. My Beavertail poling skiff is ideal for maneuvering into tight/shallow quarters for removal/bundling, but not large enough to haul large loads back to the dock for disposal. For removal/transport to the mainland I have both a 20' & 23' deep draft boats and one 21' tunnel boat to assist with the future disposal. I have 3 teenagers with friends that will volunteer their time for the final removal, I'll even treat them to a cookout and some fishing while we are there.

One obstacle that I have not figured out completely is what to do with the debris once brought back to POC. If I cannot find a disposal site locally, I assume I will haul it on a flatbed to the Victoria County Landfill Site, unless someone has a better idea.

Due to the three major hurricanes that affected the Gulf this season I've lost enough business that I cannot afford to spend several days on the water to clean up alone. BUT........... I will take up to 2 persons per day to help with the cleanup and catch fish while they are there. For a fraction of my normal full day rate of $500 I will guide them sight-fishing, wading or anchor/drift fishing on the Beavertail poling skiff as long as they devote some of the day to the cleanup effort.

For as little as $300, 2 persons can spend the day on the water, catch fish and know that they have made a difference in the preservation of our bays and marshes. If you would like to help during the weekdays with the cleanup and not fish we can work something out.

I would like to see something done about the mess, this is my answer to the problem. Please feel free to post up or call me (361-564-7032) with your suggestions or ideas- Curtiss Cash

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What an offer Curtiss! I hope everyone takes advantage.

I am wondering where the CCA is on this? CCA sponsors, coordinates, etc. "crab trap" cleanups - it seems to be this is an activity tailor made for the CCA. A post-storm cleanup effort.

They can coordinate with heavier equipment, etc. not to mention dumpsters and haul away.

Has anyone been in contact with them?
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