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Of course you know that most parking areas, have now been blocked off by security and just plain unavailable. So many of our streets have already been closed down for the debate that it's derned hard to even go to work this morning.

Anyhoo....I'll be happy to take reservations for our front yard and huge back yard.

Let's see. It will take you an hour easily to walk to UM. The debate and all the handshaking and back slapping afterwards will take at least 2 hrs. Then figure in another hour to get back to your car. So, we're looking at a good four hours at $50 bucks an hour....that's the usual price the "front and back yarder's" charge around the Orange Bowl and Pro Player's stadium. (of course the front yarders only do not fare as well and often raise their prices to $55 and hour and identify themselves as "Car Sitters First Class" . They advertise that they can give more attention to your vehicle, not being distracted by business in the back yard.

There's an additional cost of if you want us to get out our weapons to protect your car from drive-by shooters. We'll discuss that when you arrive.

One son offers to wash your car for an additional $10 while you're gone. By the way, if your last name is "Castro" please don't park in our yard because our neighbors would burn your car if they found out. That's life, Miami style.

(And if you believe this offer is for real, then you don't really know Aunt Joyce!)

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