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Read an article recently that had some pretty funny user comments and thought I'd share:

When I asked our readers if they're running alternative browsers, many said they would, but there were also a few very telling comments:

"I have both Netscape Navigator and IE 6, and I prefer Internet Explorer. It is less secure, but you can go anywhere in the Internet…," wrote member R53S.​

LadyGold echoed many other users when she told us,

"IE's security gaps make me way too nervous to be happy with it as my only browser."​

Despite the regularly discovered holes in Microsoft's code, users run Internet Explorer because they live in a Web that's tailored to it. Even when users walk away from IE, they cannot abandon it completely:

"I quit using Internet Explorer about a year ago. I was using Mozilla before they hit the 1.0 mark. Currently I'm using Firefox v0.9.1. I've been very happy with it. Now I only use IE to go to the Windows Update Web site,"​
said Codewarriorp.

Damolisher said that he hasn't switched, and his plan for how to get around IE vulnerabilities is to hope that the alternate browsers become bigger, more attractive targets. This is logic so twisted that it's almost brilliant:

"I haven't switched and don't really plan to.... I'm just hoping that: 1. Everyone but me switches to Mozilla or some other one; 2. Virus writers/hackers decide IE is a lost cause and focus their efforts on 'Mozilla or some other one'; 3. I don't expend any effort, and end up with a secure browser..."​

Some, like Czar, tried some alternative browsers, only to return to IE:

"I am using IE(6) only after trying the other options like Opera and Netscape and its later avatars ever since they were issued. Familiarity (breeding contempt!) and the knowledge that it is solidly there to fall back upon in a crisis are perhaps behind the usual IE-bashing we indulge in. The problems IE creates are not unique or crippling. With proper preening and tweaking, I have been able to keep it running satisfactorily."​
The url for the article is: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&e=5&u=/zd/20040901/tc_zd/134497

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It's funny how many people I knew in school who were 'evil empire haters' until they figured out how much money they could make being 'certified' and working with the evil empire, once out in the real world.

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