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Ideas for dinner for 20

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TxAdam said:
What??? Why didn't I think of that? That sounds like a great idea for our annual duck hunting trip in Arkansas. Need details, please!!
Season the prime rib with some sort of butter/garlic injection or just rub the outside with coarse salt, pepper, rosemary. Set it out to come to room temp before SLOWLY lowering it into 360 degree oil in a turkey fryer. About 3 minutes per pound for medium rare.
Making me hungry. I've got 4 of these to put together, so keep 'em coming!

Thanks again.
3rd Gumbo and add a big batch dirty rice and some good home made garlic bread. Keep the gumbo simple, just chicken and some good smoked pork sausage to keep cost down.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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