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I would gladly pay an extra tax for.......

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I would pay an extra city tax so Lake Jackson could contract a company to keep all the trees away from power lines or better yet work towards installing underground utilities. Power is off on my street (underground electric) and there is no telling when I will get it back. There are still downed tress laying over lines just a couple of blocks away from my house, so I would guess if some of those feed my street, I'll be waiting a while.

It is absolute insanity to let trees grow right through overhead power lines. I can't see how a tax could be more than all the money I have spent on spoiled food and the like. In this one case I would welcome a tax.
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heck no we pay a fee to city to clear all power lines " which they choose to do at randome " the telphone com does the same , cable co same !!!! so i figuer we are all paid up no more taxes !!!!!!!
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