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You know the Devil is ALWAYS in the details.

I'm not so much worried about headboats, I'm more concerned how it will impact "6pac" boats. I think they have to have the same permits that a head boat does. If I'm right, then new "6pac" boats will have to buy a existing permit and that is not going to be cheap.
In time, it could get to the point where some commercial permits in Alaska are now. In Alaska, to get a existing commercial permit to fish for some types of fish will cost you over $1,000,000. And that doesn't include the yearly renewal.
If you take that to its logical conclusion, in a years to come, the cost of a existing GOM permit will be so hight that no one will be putting new 30 ft boats in the charter business. They will all be big boats so they can charge big bucks.
Look at the price a bay shrimping license is going for, now that there is no new ones to be had and the state will buy back the existing ones.
If they do it to the commercial boats, are the rec boats far behind?
Any time the government does something, you better take a close look and ask your self, "Where am I getting screwed in this" because most of the time you are.
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