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i want a tarpon 120 and was wondering where i could get one for under $650. i see they for 619 on the net. i was told they were discontinued but i still want one anyway. cutrate is a lil steep. please help

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Tarpon 120's are not discontinued.
They came out two years ago and last year the T140 came out. The could not keep them in stock till the 140 came out.

There used to be some good deals on the KF board but with all the neubies it is hard. Used to be a fair price was ~70 or retail but now with everyone looking it is more.

The mail order yaks are the same. They are drop shipped inot the airport to some carrier.

The only possible problem is if you get a kayak that is defective. How do you get the warranty covered. Other than tha tthere are several sites that will help you get your yak rigged.

Gong to one of the kayak shops is like going into the car dealer. They will sell you more **** than you need for the kayak and what is worse put it where they think it needs to go not where you will find you want it.

Buy one and try it before mounting all your gear. It is amazing what looks good till you fish a time or two.

I have a Tarpon 160 and Camen similar to a Tarpon 120.

Good info on the TKF board and two others on how todo things.


Yes- You do want a rudder.
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