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Tiny is Gone... Hi, My Name is ROGER
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Me and my Padnuh been working on this old Boat. We finally got off our rumps and transferred it over the the other trailer. What we find is probably 2 grand worth of bottom work, it looks like the previous, previous owner ran it through an oyster farm or something. Ther are pactches, very poor qaulity work, on both sides, on the bottom that are probably 12" wide by 3 to 4 feet long. One of the patches is coming off and water is leaking into the hull.

I looked at the 2Cool Cliassifieds, and don't have time to look all over the place.

If anyone has or knows where an old Boat is for sale (Really, Really Cheap) or mo' better Free!! with a clear title, please let me know..

I am looking for something between 18 and 22 feet. All I need is the Hull. I have everything else to build a Bote, Now I just need to find a Boat to build one out of.

Fiberglass or Aluminum, just as long as the bottom is good and the floor is descent..

Thanks, Tiny
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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