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I need a little of your help...

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At my house in Rosenberg (that I grew up in), there are some big limbs brought down by Ike.

1. front yard - live oak - one large limb about 4-5 in - diameter
2. back yard - pecan (Cherokee) - 1 or 2 limbs - 3-5 in - diameter

I would like to have a set of pens made for my brother, my nephew & me.
- are these pieces large enough?
- do I need to let the wood dry out first?
- how long to age?
- chain saw in to what length pieces?
- seal the ends? with what?

Last question ..... would any of you turn these pens for me - I'm not a wood turner - or have any of the equipment (but would love to learn)

thank you for your help
(Mary Ann)
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Lady fish I would love to be able to do this for you but I can't at this time. I am sure one or more of these guys will jump on this for you.
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