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My "little" brother wore a POW bracelet the whole time I was in the Army.

I ask him not long ago what became of it. He said the guy came home and he sent it to him.

I always get sort of screwy on my birthday as I get older. I am sorry.

You see there are almost 56,000 who would be my age now but never will.

They will never have a piece of cake or an email greeting or be forgotten by a son on this day.

They can't get in an old blue caddy and go buy a beer or even read there horoscope today.

Some have no grave site to host a little flag in May. They all have but a black piece of granite wall with their name carved into it. It sets mostly alone in hot weather or cold expanging and contracting with the seasons.

Survivors guilt I guess. Happy birthday soldiers of peace, happy birthday, to you all each day of the year. We remember.

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