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I hate this place - Crestwood Inn Ft Myer's, FL

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Been here since monday.

Had to take all my towels down to the front desk today to get replacements.

Had to go down to the front desk to ask for coffee packs for the in-room coffee machine

Had to go down to the front desk to ask for another shampoo bottle - been here since monday.

Have not had a single visit by housekeeping - this is an extended stay "hotel" and they only do once per week housekeping visits.

Why do they charge the same rates as other hotels but do not give the same service? I've been in Motel 6's that took better care of their guests!

A security guard that I have not seen all week came by tonite and said that I could not enjoy my evening cordial outside the hotel.

Just venting, and REALLY READY to get back to TEXAS BY GOD!!!!!!!!
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caught any fish off that dock???
activescrape said:
caught any fish off that dock???
Oh that's the worst of it! The rep I am working with said that THAT hotel was on the other side of town from him, so they stuck me in THIS H___ hole this week! There is not a drop of fishable water within 10 miles of where I am.

BUT! I have seen a whole lot of fishy lookin water while here! I just might have to come back and book a guide because MAN the shallow water around here is INVITING!!
Bummer, but you are right. That's some of the best snook and tarpon fishing there is. Plus everything else.
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