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I got me a new ride now guys..

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Got me a 22ft. Center Console with a 150 Yamaha. Finally. I rode in it before buying and it was a comfortable ride and although its an older model boat and motor, 1992 to be exact, it still seems to get pretty good gas milage. Anyone have one of these model Yamaha's. Im ready to check it out as soon as possible..


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Nice boat brother,I hope you enjoy it and have several great trips out as well...........later,Dave
What make is it? what happened to you bracket on the old one? Nice boat.
Its a Celebrity Fishhawk, off-brand, but rides nice. The bracket is still here, Im trying to sell it if you or anyone else is interested Ill make a deal.
What is the size of it, twins, single? platform or no? 7 or 8'? I forgot the specifics of your bracket, sorry. I will be needing one though. angle at transom??
I've got a '95 Pro V 175 0n a 23' cc and I love it. I've never had any problems with it. Just keep up basic maint. and you should be thrilled with it. Mine probably averages about 1.5 mpg when going offshore. I've just finished rebuilding my hull and am looking at a four blade prop and a new tach, so I'm hoping to do better.
Twin Bracket with no Platform. Have installation kit also.

Bracket Specifications:

Made from 5056-H116 Marine Grade Aluminum

Top, Sides, Bottom, and Back is 1/4" Aluminum

Front is 3/8" Aluminum

Motor Mount is 5/8" T-6 Channel

Standard measurements for Bracket are 30" Backset, 16.5" High, 48" wide.

The 30" Backset gives plenty of room for trimming all the way up.

My Transom angle is 12 Degrees. Anymore questions just let me know.


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I spoke with DAD Marine yesterday about them, great brackets from what I read at an excellent price too......How does the HP ratings work? I forgot to ask them. They rate them for 600 hp but my boat was origionally rated for 500...what should you go with?
Argo, I have that same bracket on my Grady. I am very pleased with it. I have never had a drop of water in the bracket itself(other than condensation) I dont know much about the hp rating. I am sure that the guys atD&D can give you all the info you need.
Sabine, sorry to insult you and say you were one of us boatless boat owners. You got your problem fixed I see....When is the maiden voyage? First blood?
Hey Chevy, Very Nice boat and motor there!! Glad you decided to get another.
Lynn and Bill
Will be great to see you back on the water.
I have the exact same engines on my grady. They run great, over 1100 hrs and only yearly maint. replacing the water pumps and using only synthetic tcw-3 will help make them last a lot longer. Be sure not to mix the regular tcw-3 and the synthetic though you will have a problem with over heating if you do.....learned the hard way...
Thanks guys for the info. I'll keep the oil info in mind for sure
The seas aren't co-opeating this weekend for offshore, but you can bet I'll be in the water checking it out.

Argo, I have been a boatless boat owner for several months now.. Lol..
The Horsepower rating is 600 HP max. Its a nice looking bracket for the money and well made. Its better than I expected when I ordered it.

Im planning on doing a Freeport trip sometime, in the not so distant future, not real soon though, and would love to get an AJ in the boat. I may holler at someone to buddy with or if someone knows the area and needs a ride, there'll be room made for you. Im not familiar with the area at all. Thats the plan anyway.

Capt. Bill, good to hear from you. I haven't heard from you in a while.
Need a buddy call me you should still have the number ..I have a few numbers if they are still there.. I am seeing alot of my haunts fished out.. Maybe we can get Capt.Blood to join us on my boat.
All I see is you need you some guides on the trailer. That is a Nice setup .. Now you need a Capt's Lic. for your area[:)] Notice I say your area hahaha..
Email me when you get ready and I will get ahold of Blood and we can all talk about it.
Will do CaptBill.
The trailer guides are going to be the first thing added on.
I think I'll pass on the Capt. License, Im still learning myself.
Like the boat.

Drop a pm or post up when you come to Freeport. If Capt Bill is not able to buddy maybe I can.
Congratulations on the new rig Chevy, its nice. I corresponded with you last year a couple of times about going out nearshore out of Sabine Pass. Glad to see you are back on the water!
Hey Sabine,
Nice ride! Time to put some fish in the freezer. I should be up in running in a couple of weeks if I can get my mechanic off of his arse.
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