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I've been driving it from Katy at least twice each weekday since 1992. The last 5-years has only been to Gessner which is 16-miles. It has taken me between 30 min. and 120 min. to make that stretch over that time.The regulars have a "code" if you will of automotive conduct. You can spot a rookie easier than a commie. The regulars will give you one (1) not two (2) car lengths between you and the car in front without jumping in. From Katy to Barker Cypress it's 80 - 85 mph 5-wide. That one car length is vital. The rookies will dive in and screw everything up.

The HOV is a whole other kettle of fish. The cheaters jump in from 5 mph to a lane that is typically going 70+. When you come over the hill to where the HOV divides to go downtown the cheaters freak when they see a cop set up to catch them and begin immediately hitting the brakes or taking your one length to save themselves. It is heart warming to see them get nabbed.

Some will meticulously make their way across 5-lanes of traffic to evade the law. The boys in blue will stop all lanes of traffic and usher them over to the shoulder to enjoy a paper chat.

There's more but it doesn't get any better such as the one woman that I see at least once a week that is driving with her knees, talking on a cell phone and putting make up on at 70 mph. I don't dare get in front of her.
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