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Sunday Night I couldn't sleep. It has been a long couple of weeks for us all. The activity of Bayshore Baptist has been phenomenal. We have been part of giving food/water/ice to several thousand families in our Community. The Blue Roof guys have been stationed at the Church helping literally thousands of homes with a tarp to keep rain out. We had groups of 20 youth out helping flooded people out and clearing yards of fallen trees. We had a Red Cross Shelter housing some 250 people from Galveston and other coastal communities. All that while we had dozens of Church families flooded in Shoreacres, Shady River, Bay Colony and Shady Oaks. All of this while we had 100-150k damage to our own church buildings. I am so proud of the people of Bayshore.

I have no doubt that many of you - if not all of you - have been part of such efforts. Texans are an amazing bunch. (smile)

I looked at many of the pictures of the damage that evening and thought I would like to make a video to show others what we face. I also put some songs that are deeply meaningful to me as a backdrop.

This Worship video is simply a labor of love that has spread far and wide past my original expectations. I hope you enjoy it ... and feel free to pass it along in any form you see fit.

I embedded it on my blog: http://daparsonfishing.blogspot.com/

Thanks to all of you who have helped so many.

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