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Posting for someone else.........

Hunters for the Hungry Benefit Catfish Tournament
6/5/04 5pm-Midnight
Kerr-Buggs Island
Staunton View Boat ramp
$50.00 per boat
This event is being held to raise funds for the processing cost of the donated deer meat. There was a lot more meat donated than the funds to have it processed. It's in a freezer waiting for the funds.
This event will have a big turnout!!! So come on down and join in the fun and help out!! I would expect 75+ boats to attend. We may even go over last weekends numbers @ the SHOWDOWN.
For more info- email me /[email protected]
call 434/735-8106 Warren Weston

catch and release!!! ONE Fish!!!

"OMG...git da net!!!
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Didn't know ya lurked on the Kerr Lake site...I do ,too.Usually don't say much,just take it all in.A good site with some decent guys.A handful are the"Catchasers"...Katnip,Mobydick,JoefromOxford,Bleucat,et.al.
They have in the past couple of years increased the # and size of the catfish tournies...VCA,Catfish Showdowns,Mr.Whiskers,to name a couple.Some have tounament trails,similar to the SouthernCatfishAssoc.deal Mike(Yellarcat)runs.
The tournament you posted is apparently supporting an excellent cause,and if I were a"competative''type fisherman,I'd certainly take part.
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