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First and most important .....

The Birthday Greetings posted here by my TTMB family are so gratefully received. I've saved each one of the responses to my Special Memories folder. I know I am going to read them over many times. It is truly remarkable how people who have never met can share their love for one another without reservation. In the Bible that kind of love is called "agape" and it is a love that is evident here on the TTMB over and over again. Mont has done well in gathering our family here.

I just want to say "thank you" for letting me be part of the family. It has had an incredible influence on my life for these past several years.

I cannot even count the number of times I have posted about my memories, as a little girl, of having wonderfully delicious fresh Maine Lobster. I've talked about it over and over again. About how our Florida lobster just doesn't cut it. About how dissapointed I've been each time I've ordered lobster in the restaurants here. (I actually haven't tasted Maine Lobster since the mid 40's. We moved to Florida in the early 50's).

So, when I woke up this morning I was 75 yrs. old. I thanked the Father for giving me so many years. After coffee I sat at the computer to put together a tribute for Memorial Day.

Sitting here I heard a knock on the front door and both boys went to answer. When they walked past me to the kitchen they said "here comes your birthday gift Mom!".

Sven slit open the top of the big white box and right there in front of my eyes were .....

3 beautiful

If I could dance....you betcha I would! My boys have wanted to take me to the Lobster House for a long time now because they knew how much I wanted to taste Maine Lobster again. But because of the Spinal Stenosis it's now out of the question for me to sit in a restaurant.

I overheard them whispering the last couple of weeks and knew something was up but figured whatever it was if I needed to know they'd tell me.

Oh....I just can't wait until this evening when, thanks to Eric and Chef Sven, I taste Maine Lobster for the first time since I was in my teens!

What a wonderful birthday this has been!

Below Chef Sven has taken 2 photos of the lobster with dry ice. I told him I wanted to share their glory with you!


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Goodie for you AJ! And I know whatcha mean about being hooked on this outfit. The effect that being with these people has changed me a great deal and for ever.

Those lobsters look terrific! Bon Appite!

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I know what yer talkin about with them Maine lobster vs. Rock lobster....right off the bat ya get gyped outta claw meat. With main lobster...don't matter how big they get....they're still sweet. With the rock lobster....yer better off gettin two small tails than one biggun. I hope your next shipment from Maine inscludes a bunch o longneck steamers. I'm goin up to Cape Cod next month for my in-laws 60th Wedding Anniversary...gonna be clam-diggin.... Mother-in-law ..a great lady...was a Naval Nurse in WWII...Father-in-law....Navy WWII'd it in India.

Sound like a wonderful Birthday gift.
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