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I've been wondering what will happen now that Galveston is basically going to have to be rebuilt. What will the state or FEMA do to help stave off another disaster of this magnitude?
I bring this up because the Windstorm Assoc. will be broke once this is over with. I saw where the assoc. had $2.1 bil in assests and the latest figure for losses were over $4 billion. Take heart though, it is all being covered by the taxpayers of Texas. The money part is not the issue here. What is, is what will be done to lessen the impact of the next storm.
My limited observations and knowledge seem that the building around there has been wreckless to say the least. It's an island that is limited in size and for all intents is sinking. And yet permits are being handed out like candy at Halloween. And now the taxpayers from W. TX to the panhandle will be getting hit with the bill.
So how to better "plan" while we have the opportunity.
My suggestion would be to pay the owners off who have properties in areas where the water comes in contact with their property line. They do this now with flood. Once your property has been flooded then FEMA cuts you a check and you go find another peice of prop. No more of those man made goofy barriers everybody hates seeing. They didn't do squat to help in this situation.
All front row (and second) properties would have to be built to specifications that could sustain at least a cat 4. One of the biggest causes of destruction from a hurricane isn't the wind so much as all the debris being tossed around. If the front house goes then the debris hits the house behind it. Then you have 2 homes hitting two more which damage or destroy 4 then 8 then 16 etc.
Also the designs of these homes would have to be such that they would be more wind proof. Let's face it, some of the designs of these front row properties were designed to fail. You just can't have these huge roof overhangs with flat fronts. If Nascar built thier cars like some of these home builders for 100 mph + winds they'd be laughed off the track.

Would it be expensive? Darn right. $4 + billion? Not hardly.

The consequence of the first two rows of homes being blown off their piers was what set off a chain reaction to the eventual destruction of so many more homes. If they had been able to withstand the initial brunt, I truly believe that the resulting damages and losses would have been cut in half.

The other option is to just rebuild and wait for the next hurricane. Hopefully we won't see one for another 25 years. But if/when it does, what will the cost of it be then??
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