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How to prepare YFT

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Although I have never caught a tuna I am about to get my hands on some fresh YFT steaks and I am looking for the best way to prepare them.

Are they firm enough to cook directly on the grill or do you have to use foil.

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rinse...that's all rinse and eat.
But if you must add heat, yes they are firm enough, oil the steak and the grill (olive oil or sesame oil) so they dont stick, and please don't over cook them. Less is more. Tease it with heat, then sauce on the side if you must.

Wasabe, mayo, mango and black pepper.
pineapple, jalapeno, plain yogurt, red and green onion.


tequilla, lime and salt...just dont dip the tuna in that one.
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soak in soy sauce and yellow mustard for about 30 minutes and then grill it is devine

lemon and fresh dill on the grill my wifes favorite
Hope it wasn't caught at Seawolf....
cabolew said:
Hope it wasn't caught at Seawolf....[/QUOTE

As a matter of fact......................LMAO

One of the best guides in Venice told me this and I agree. Saute in fry pan in just a very little olive oil and leave raw in middle. It will cook a little more after you remove from pan. Add spices of you liking. Tony C's or Garlic Salt w/ Lemon. Main thing is DO NOT cook all the way through. Will be like shoe leather. Also, try a little sushi if its fresh, w/ soy sauce and wasabi....nothing better! IMO
Treat it just like an extremely expensive steak. Singe on each side for about one minute and enjoy.
I doubt you will like it raw unless your used to that sort of thing. Coat it with olive oil and rub coarse ground pepper, salt, and crushed garlic. Get the fire HOT! ....sear 3/4 " steaks for 60 seconds on one side and turn down the heat to med/high and cook for 60 second on the other side and should be good and pink in the middle. Melt some butter and pour on top. THE BEST!
Fire up the grill and put it right next to a big ole steak. When done, give the tuna to the dog and keep the steak for yourself. If you can't tell I HATE TUNA any way you fix it!!!
I'll tell you I have fixed yft all kinds of ways, with all the fancy sauces, on the grill as mentioned above, and so forth. But the other night I was in a hurry, and I just covered one side with Paul Prudhomme's blackened fish seasonings, and put it on a very hot cast iron skilllet with some melted butter in it for about 2-3 minutes. Then coated the other side with the blackening stuff, turned it over and did that side. IT WAS SPECTACULAR. Even my wife loved it, and she hardly eats fish.


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Really! You hate it? I am with you on the steak. I could eat a steak everyday, but as far as grilled fish....Tuna is pretty high on my list. What is your favorite fish and how do you cook it? Just wondering what I am missing out on. As far as the tuna, I like it with a little lime juice then a few minutes on the grill. Then salt and pepper to taste.
Amen Jammer,

Blackened is my favorite so far along with tuna burgers, Yum,

Chicken-Fried Tuna with jalapeno cream gravy! This is great with YFT as an alternative
to grilled or sushi. Probably the best way to prepare blackfin. If anyone needs the recipe
I have the one from the Canyon Cafe leave fax # and I'll send it out to you!
Take a filet about 1-1 1/2'' thick, rub it with olive oil and lightly salt and pepper, use crushed pepper.

Use a skillet over high heat, as high as your range will go. Let the skillet get super hot then put the filet on. Cook on each side 1-1 1/2 minutes. The tuna will only be seared about 1/4 deep on each side, the rest should still look raw.

Take 2tbsp of wasabi, 3tbsp of soysauce, 8tbsp of unsalted butter, and 1 tbsp of fresh lime juice. Put ingredients in a sauce pan over low heat, you have to stir constantly untill everything melts together. The sauce will take 8-10 minutes so start it before you start searing the tuna.

Pour the sauce over the tuna and serve immediatly, If you don't like it something is wrong with you.
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Jeff, same recipe, just try some sesame oil. Gives a really great flavor. BTW - your cards came in today.
Maybe some can't eat it raw because something else we eat smells like tuna in a can when it gets older....lmao If you have raw fresh YFT and don't try it raw, you have never lived.....IMO

Jammer, right on! Absolutely melts in your mouth. Good stuff!
aw this raw fish talk has got me droolin.. whats the best fish for sushi/ sashimi out there?
Prodeuce, I don't know what it is, but Salmon and Tuna are both safe around me in terms of eating-with Kingfish not too far behind. Other than that snapper, dolphin, ling, wahoo, grouper, tripletail, AJ, trout, redfish, flounder in no particular order I'll eat like there is no tomorrow.
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