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How I miss TTMB

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I have something to share and I need to get it off of my chest. I miss TTMB very much. This new place... this new personality... it is not what we were - what we have been. It is angry and ugly at times. It is arrogant. It is just unkind and intolerant. The occassional disagreement has become the daily norm. Why? What has changed? It's an election year. We have had election years before. Our differing views have never divided us so.

Where are CoolChange, Walkin' Jack, Reel Woman, *********, Vitamin Sea, Becky, Fishnut, Farmer Jim, Bassfreaks, ReelWork, Frauline, EZ ED, bg?? The list could go on and on. I suspect to a large extent, that these folks are fading away because there is just a nasty mood to the board most days. They are still around. They are just not posting like they were.

Gary tried to get this point across the other day and it just went right back downhill. Let's try to get some of that magic back that has developed this great group of anglers into a great group of friends.

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I am still here

I read on a daily basis, because TTMB is part of my extended family. While I have nothing to contribute to the board, I just can't stay away, because since our move away from the coast, this is about the only way I have to keep up with what the rest of the family is up to. Vernon hasn't fished in well over a year due to his job and we have now found a new hobby in motorcycles. They seem to fit our new locale better than the fishing equipment. lol

I don't know what is up with all the hostility lately, maybe it's to be blamed on the heat. But, I do think that the basic underlying goodness of this board is still very much alive. Mont still has a very special place here, and as in most all aspects of life, there are gonna be times when there are a few people who just can't stand to see a good thing and will do their best to ruin it. I think the moderators do a great job of cleaning up their messes. Mont has gone out of his way to create boards for just about every sport and event and to accomodate just about everyone, but it is impossible to please everybody all of the time. So, there are gonna be those that try to keep the pot stirred and that is a fact of life that I think everyone accepts. One thing about it though, some of the founding fathers of TTMB might be a lil quiet around the house lately, but then that's a great thing about the friendships on this board, they don't just exist online.

Just look at it this way, there have been many a scuffle here over the years, some get wounded, even some of the good ones, but they almost always come back.

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I hate to hear that, Eric

I only got to attend the first POC gathering, but it is THE most memorable one that I ever attended. That gathering, I went offshore for the first time and to tell the truth, really haven't enjoyed fishing since. It's hard to top being offshore, and if I am gonna fish, that is where I want to be.

You have to think of it like this. In between gatherings, real life happens. Job changes, moves, new families, loss of loved ones, and even the weather affect the gatherings. In fact, I think LoboJim is the only TTMBer left in the Pt. A area.

Look at you...you are away at college. I am sure that your schedule is harder to manage these days too. So when a gathering happens, whether it's with 5 people or 105, you gotta make the best of them and the memories that comes with it.

I don't know what happend in POC to make you feel this way, and I am certainly not gonna try and change your mind on how you feel, but I DO know that your efforts in putting together the offshore gathering never went unappreciated!

I hope you understand what I am saying...I am not slamming you at all, I just hate to see an end to a great thing.

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