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How I miss TTMB

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I have something to share and I need to get it off of my chest. I miss TTMB very much. This new place... this new personality... it is not what we were - what we have been. It is angry and ugly at times. It is arrogant. It is just unkind and intolerant. The occassional disagreement has become the daily norm. Why? What has changed? It's an election year. We have had election years before. Our differing views have never divided us so.

Where are CoolChange, Walkin' Jack, Reel Woman, *********, Vitamin Sea, Becky, Fishnut, Farmer Jim, Bassfreaks, ReelWork, Frauline, EZ ED, bg?? The list could go on and on. I suspect to a large extent, that these folks are fading away because there is just a nasty mood to the board most days. They are still around. They are just not posting like they were.

Gary tried to get this point across the other day and it just went right back downhill. Let's try to get some of that magic back that has developed this great group of anglers into a great group of friends.

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It does seem to have changed. Perhaps there should be a "political" or "general discussions" forum like no TKF. Those of us who rant and rave about politics there don't do it in the other forums. I don't do it here because there is no forum for it and as always, fishing comes first!
BTW, I'm not saying that Mont SHOULD do it. I'm just throwing it out there for consideration. After all, if you really want to get political, there are many sites for that sole purpose. This is for fishing.
Hmmmmm... thanks for the info... It had escaped my notice. I usually only visit here, the Bluewater, Coastal Shark and Recipes.. I'll peruse the political board...
They slipped it passed me Bradley boy.. LOL.
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